Current Projects

1. Darling Downs African lovegrass control methods long term study and landscape scale assessment of spread overtime

2. Bega Valley, NSW African lovegrass project (South East Local Land Services and Natural Regeneration Australia)

3. Tulipwood restoration project: Wet schelerophyll direct seeding project (QLD Herbarium, Greening Australia and Logan city council)

4. Comparing the biology, physiology and ecology of the critical endangered Melaleuca irbyana versus common Melaleuca bracteata (Logan city council)

5.  Lake Eyre Basin: Invasive animal threat prioritisation project to protect native biodiversity (Conservation Decision Team CSIRO Ecosystem sciences, Invasive Animal CRC, EDG UQ)

6.  Nutrient Network: functional traits in response to grazing and eutrophication (University of Minnesota)

7.  Havre pumice rafts: A unique test of community assembly rules (School of Geology QUT)

8. Diverse urban plantings situated in optimal micro-climates can increase ecosystem services in inner city buildings (QUT Built Environment )

9. Species and functional trait diversity of recruitment beneath Swientenia macrophylla monocultures, mixed-species plantations and secondary forests of Leyte, Philippines (UQ, University of Southern Cross, ACIAR,  University of Visayas)

10.  Medical ethnobotany of Australia: do plant-use patterns change with climatic and edaphic conditions

11. Automated environmental change monitoring with Chris McCoolMichael Milford and Matthew Dunbabin EECS QUT

12. Buffel grass, a review of the literature as related to its management, A.C. Grice (CSIRO), Tek Tay (CSIRO), John Virtue (PRISA), Michaela Heinson (PRISA) and Troy Bowman (PRISA), Plant Biosecurity CRC