Editor’s Choice 55:1 – Integrating local knowledge and ecological research

The Applied Ecologist's Blog

The Editor’s Choice for issue 55:1 is written by Associate Editor, Paul Kardol. The article chosen is Integrating local knowledge and research to refine the management of an invasive non-native grass in critically endangered grassy woodlands by Firn et al.

Elucidating patterns of species invasions and the underlying mechanisms are key challenges for present-day ecologists. They are also of utmost importance in developing effective management strategies. How could we effectively combat negative effects of invasive plants on native ecosystems? Ask the locals!

When travelling generally, asking the locals is a good start for discovering new places in unfamiliar surroundings, beyond what the mainstream travel guides have to offer. The same might be true for ecological research on invasive plants. Here, the locals are landholders who share historical knowledge, long-term experiences with dealing with invasive species, and anecdotal stories of changes in the ecosystems they manage. The mainstream travel guides then…

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