Scaling up to communities and ecosystems by J.P. Grime

An important set of reflections and synthesis from one of the greatest ecologists of our time. Inspiring…

Journal of Ecology Blog

Blog commentary by J.P. Grime on a set ofpapers (1965-2007)from the Journal of Ecologyreproduced online in December 2013

 Thank you, Editors, for this opportunity to reflect on the circumstances, motivating forces and memorable events associated with 15 publications in the Journal of Ecology involving numerous co-authors. It is a particular pleasure to acknowledge support we have received from several generations of editors and reviewers of the Journal.

The papers have been arranged in chronological order but I have chosen to comment on them in small groups and to insert short headings that seek to summarise the long-term objectives and developing philosophy of the Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology (UCPE) and its successor, the Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory (BCCIL).


As a post-doc in Sheffield in the early 1960’s and subsequently as an ecologist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station I was fascinated by the…

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